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Huife Hot Springs

Huife Hot Springs

Huife Hot Springs boasts a favorable location immersed in a spectacular Andean landscape in the Ninth Region of Chile. The Hot Springs are located next to the Liucura River, about 20 miles northeast of Pucon, approximately 1,312 ft (400 m) above sea level. Its backdrop is the grand Villarrica Volcano.

To get here, visitors can take a bus from Temuco to Pucón and from Pucón to the Hot Springs. Renting a car in Temuco is also a possibility. Half of the road to the Hot Springs is asphalt and the rest of the way is gravel, but nevertheless in good condition.

Water temperatures fluctuate between 100°F and 136°F (38°C and 58°C) with a pH of 8.8-8.9. These hyperthermic water contain alkaline, sulfates, chlorides, carbon, sodium, potassium, and calcium. But the sulfates of sodium and potassium are the dominating minerals.

The waters at Huife Hot Springs are recommended for the relief of stress, fatigue, arthritis, rheumatism, hypertension, and skin conditions such as acne.

Another alternative is to combine baths in the hot springs with cold baths in the Liucura river. This therapy causes blood vessels to constrict either maintaining or increasing blood pressure and thus, helping circulation. This type of bath also helps eliminate liquids that are retained by the body.

Aside from the bathing activities, guests can also participate in hikes and nature walks around the area, go horseback riding, or observe native flora and fauna, while simply enjoying the spectacular panorama. Some attractions that stand out are the lovely native forest featuring Araucaria trees (species of pine) and the hanging bridge made of trunks over the Liucura river. This river invites visitors to venture out in boating and fishing excursions. There are also places nearby to buy souvenirs.

Because of the resort's proximity to Pucón, visitors can easily get to this touristy town for a day on the beach, to participate in water sports and activities, and enjoy the nightlife in the clubs, pubs and Casino. In addition, you will find a variety of crafts made by Mapuches, an indigenous group of people in the south of Chile.

Another option is a visit to one or more of the marvelous National Parks in this part of the country. One example is the Villarrica National Park that embraces the Villarrica volcano and looks out on the Quetrupillan and Lanin volcanoes. One can only access this park through Pucón. It boasts beautiful forests of coigüe trees, spectacular views, and ancient volcanic caves, the aftermath of volcanic eruptions.

In the wintertime, the Villarrica Volcano opens its ski center to visitors while in the summer, you can participate in climbing excursions to the volcano´s peak where you get a clear view of the lakes within the region and the mountainous panorama.

When to go
Year round.
How to get there
Santiago - Temuco, 362 miles (580 km) along Route 5 South. Temuco - Pucón, 21 miles (33 km) northeast. From Pucón you must continue on the road that heads towards Caburgua Lake, go about 8 miles (13 km) until you get to the detour that leads you towards Huife Hot Springs. Location



Huife Hotel and Hot Springs Huife Hotel & Hot Springs
Road to Pichares Km 32 Pucón. Pucón
Enjoy 3 outdoor pools, lymphatic relaxation and reflexology massages, hiking trails, game rooms, and conference rooms for a capacity of up to 40 people.


Huife Hot Springs boasts a first-class, modern hotel infrastructure that is open year round with facilities suitable for a relaxing family vacation. The resort features outdoor pools, one of them containing quartz pebbles for a reflexology massage while you bathe. There are also individual pools and natural pools by the river that are bordered with stone. The Hot Springs feature gastronomic facilities and hydromassage services, sauna, therapeutic massages such as relaxation, reflexology, lymphatic, algaetherapy, and fangotherapy. We currently offer Reiki therapy which allows the individual to acquire an equilibrium of all three physical, mental and spiritual aspects.

Water Type

  • Hyperthermic waters (100°F to 136°F/38ºC to 58°C)
  • Alkaline.
  • Sulfated.
  • Chloride.
  • Carbonated.
  • Basic pH of 8.8 – 8.9.


  • Arthritis.
  • Rheumatism.
  • Hypertension.
  • Renal Illnesses.
  • Stress.
  • Exhaustion.
  • Skin diseases.


  • Mainly habitual, serious heart ailments.


  • Thermal Baths.
  • Sauna.
  • Hydromassage.
  • Fangotherapy.
  • Algaetherapy.
  • Cold and hot baths.


New pool Massage Huife Hot Springs


Native Forest, Villarrica National Park, Pucón, Villarrica Lake and Volcano.


Baths and other thermal activities, photography, hiking, short excursions, horseback riding, observing flora and fauna. In the nearby city of Pucon: beaches, water sports, clubs and pubs. Activities Index



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